The Xport Art experience began almost 3 decades ago, born of the illusion and the purpose of exploring new territories, acquiring knowledge of the culture and traditions of the peoples, as well as of their ecosystem; at the same time we work with the purpose of discovering new ways of communication and routes of motives, from cultural and social, to the sustainable and economic of the place.


The Xport Art journey begins at a very early age for north African lands, from there, it will begin a road dedicated to trade between peoples, promoting a fair and voluntary way of trade between producers and consumers, creating innovative commercial channels that are oriented towards a sustainable and sustainable development, being this a socio-ecological process, with which we make possible the economic and social progress of that region, besides the respect for the natural ecosystems and the quality of the environment.

From Morocco and Tunisia on the african continent, through India or Nepal in Asia, to Brazil in south America, among others, Xport Art works in the import and export of natural and ecological handicraft products, respecting the environment and the environment that we Surrounds, thus we can develop the capacity to generate new ideas or concepts, producing original solutions and creating a great physical and psychological stimulation in all the people involved.

For all that, through our imagination, we give free rein to our creativity, and so Xport Art adds an essential concept in all its products, the "elegance", based on the simplicity of our designs.

Xport Art, wants to thank all those who have made possible our existence, from family and friends, sponsors, to artisans, producers and distributors, making it possible for us to continue together in this wonderful experience called... Xport Art.

Thanks to for all you.

Xport Art


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